Artfully deceptive. Refined rock ‘n’ roll. The ‘David Lynch of Fine Dining’.

These are all phrases people have used to describe our restaurant. For simplicity’s sake, we just say that we’re a restaurant reimagined for people who are bored with traditional fine dining. Those fed up with formality and stuffy service, but who want an experience.

 We create dining experiences that you won’t find anywhere else in town.

“there are things happening here, ingredients, techniques,
that probably aren’t happening anywhere else in Australia, perhaps the world.”
John Lethlean, The Australian

Shaun Quade

Known as one of Australia’s most innovative young chefs, Shaun Quade has gained international notoriety for his inventive (and at times obsessive) approach to cooking.

With a career that’s seen him work in Australia’s best restaurants—including Biota, Quay, Urbane and Royal Mail (alongside World’s 50 Best Chef Dan Hunter)—Quade opened Lûmé, his first restaurant, in 2015.

Despite his ongoing attempts to evade media, the restaurant immediately attracted controversy and awards alike. Quade and his business partners—Veronica Fil and Mr Harry—continue to make headlines with their creative, experiential approach to restaurant dining, which combines food with art, psychology and technology.

In 2016, Lûmé became the first restaurant in Australia to incorporate augmented and virtual reality into the fine dining experience. Quade and Fil now dedicate a great deal of their time to adapting new and experimental technologies to the dining industry, and work with a cast creative disciplines to manifest their unique dining events.

With such access such unique native Victorian and Australian produce, Chef Quade has become increasingly fascinated with plant-based dishes. In fact, his vegan celeriac cheese and oysters are so realistic, some Vegan diners are too afraid to eat them. Those diners are obviously missing out on a beautiful plant-based thing.

In 2019 Quade will be focusing his attention on the expansion of Lûmé into Los Angeles, as well as his role as a kitchen & operational consultant at Mr Harry’s Marketing Department—a boutique hospitality agency in Melbourne.


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